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Thank you for choosing us for your next vehicle. Before you complete the proposal form please have to hand:


Full Company Details: including registration number and VAT number (if applicable)


Company Bank Details


Full Director Details: including 5 years address history. If a Limited/LLP/Plc we require 2 sets of Directors details, if a partnership we require details for all partners of the business (if there are more than 4 partners we require a minimum of 4)


Estimated completion time: 10mins

General Details

Company Details

Trading Address
Registered Address

Bank Details

Please be aware the bank details completed in this section needs to be for the company that is applying for credit, these details will be checked as part of the underwriting process and if different may result in a decline.


Please note if your business is a partnership then 2 or more partners details are required.

Please enter names in full as per birth certificates

Director/Partner 1


Review Application

General Details
Company Details
Bank Details
Director/Partner 1 Details

We need to inform you about how Embrace Leasing will use 'Your Information' in connection with your application. 'Your information' means the information you have given us, which we pass on to our nominated finance companies, or which they receive from their enquiries and searches at credit reference and fraud prevention agencies. This applies to all applicants, including joint applicants and members of the household and directors or partners if the application is made by a limited company, partnership or an unincorporated association.

They'll check your details with credit reference and fraud prevention Agencies, and these Agencies will record the check. They will provide the Agencies with your current and previous names, addresses and dates of birth of all parties as well as the income and expenditure details that you provided, so if you are providing information about others, on a joint application, you must be sure that you have their agreement. The Agencies will provide them with confirmation of the income and expenditure details provided and public information about you and any third party financially linked to you: information such as county court judgments (CCJ’s) and bankruptcies, electoral register and fraud prevention information on you and your known financial associates, current and previous names, addresses and dates of birth. If false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies. Law enforcement agencies may access and use this information.

Do you confirm your authority to disclose information about you and any third party linked to you?

The Agency searches that they make will leave a search footprint, both in their records and on your credit file at the Agencies they've used, whether or not this application proceeds. If the search was for a credit application, the record of that search (but not their name) may be seen by other organisations when you apply for credit in the future. If you made a joint application, they will link together the records of joint applicants, called financial associates. They will also link all your previous and subsequent names and addresses. Links between financial associates will remain on your and their files until such time as you or your associate successfully files for a disassociation with the credit reference agencies. It may be necessary to make more than one such search particularly if you provide any new or changed information.

Information provided may be supplied to other organisations and used by the Agencies and them to assess you and your household for: credit and credit related services, affordability of credit; motor, household, credit, life and other insurance proposals and claims; debt tracing and recovery; checking details of job applicants and employees, prevention of fraud and money laundering; managing your accounts; statistical analysis about credit, insurance and fraud; market research, and to verify your identity if you or your financial associate applies for other facilities, including all types of insurance applications and claims. They and other organizations may access and use the information recorded by fraud prevention agencies from other countries. Information about you may also be used for other purposes for which you have given consent, or, in very limited circumstances, when required by law or where permitted under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.

They may disclose your information to other subsidiaries or associates. Credit scoring techniques will be used to assess your application. Please write to us at Office 5, The Old Hay Barn, Northampton, NN7 2DS if you want a copy of the information they hold about you or phone on 01604 978481 for details of the Agencies.

Do you confirm your authority for your application to be credit scored and your information to be used as described?
(*this is only applicable if your application proceeds with one of our paperless funders)

In order to proceed with your application and any future agreements they will need your consent to conclude agreements through electronic means only using the email address you have supplied and/or electronic signatures.

Do you consent to agreements being completed by electronic means only on the email address you have supplied?

I declare that the information supplied in sections 1,2,3,4 and 5 is true and correct. I understand that more than one funder may be approached under this credit proposal form. We will not hold your personal information for any longer than is necessary. If you are a customer or otherwise have a relationship with us we will hold personal information about you for a longer period than if we have obtained your details in connection with a prospective relationship. In any event, the retention period will be the statutory retention period unless there is a further legal or regulatory requirement to do so. I authorise the funder(s) to make a credit reference search, which will be recorded by the agency. I am aware that credit scoring may be used in the decision process. I agree that the funder(s) can at any time, disclose details about the application agreement and the conduct of the account to a license credit agency, or HP Information PLC, or introducing dealer/broker for the purposes of: fraud / crime prevention, tracing customers and any other legitimate purpose. I also acknowledge that the funder(s) may refuse to enter into this agreement without stating a reason. I understand that any personal details contained within this credit application may be passed to any third party as part of the process and that the details provided will not be used for any direct marketing purposes. Silverstone Corporation Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Firm Reference Number 674485. Not all types of business undertaken are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Silverstone Corporation Limited is a broker, not a finance provider.

Registered in England & Wales with company number : 8079695 | VAT No : 138056808

Registered Office : Office 5, The Old Hay Barn, Preston Lodge Court, Preston Deanery, Northampton, NN7 2DS UK

By signing this form you are confirming the following;

  • You are aware of the benefits and risks associated with the product you have chosen.
  • You are happy with the product being proposed and the product is suitable to your needs.
  • You are happy that this new monthly commitment is suitable and affordable to you, and will not create an undue financial hardship now or in the future should there be a change in your circumstances.
  • You are confirming you will be the main driver for the vehicle.

Thank You

Your account manager will be in touch as soon as your application has been processed. Please note credit approval can take up to 48 hours.

Should you have any questions in the meantime please contact your account manager.