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Contract Hire - Is It For You?

It’s really interesting to witness the relationships that build and develop as we work with clients to sort out a personal contract hire.

We have laughed, cried and metaphorically pulled our hair out in frustration at times. However, we do our absolute best to fulfil all our customers’ requirement as far as we are physically able. In fact we see ourselves as purveyors of dreams and know this really is the case based on the great feedback we receive.

Often people call us with little idea of how PCH will pan out for them

Whereas some clients know exactly what they want, for how long and even what kind of alloys they’d like. Over quite a long period of time we have come to predict the type of questions people ask us when it comes to taking out a personal lease. The questions are many and varied. Sometimes they are a mix of question and statement. One client demanded a Fiat with a built in Sat Nav and defied us to find one. A few weeks later she took delivery of a Black Fiat Abarth a package she hadn’t anticipated her Sat Nav might be wrapped in.

One of the most pressing questions is: who is the owner/ registered keeper of the car?

That answer is simple: it’s the finance company. ON a Personal contract hire the customer never owns the car they simply rent it for a period of time that suits their needs. It might be anywhere from 24 months to 48. Watch out if you pick up a driving penalty as any penalty will go through the finance company first. They will contact you afterwards and charge for administration costs. That’s another incentive to stay within the law.

The topic of mileage also crops up regularly.

You can choose the annual mileage figure you wish to negotiate. There is a minimum of course but the fewer miles you do the cheaper the agreement will be. However, this won’t necessarily suit everyone. What is important is that you discuss any changes before you rack up the miles. If you do go over and above, then a pence per mile charge kicks in, as agreed at the start of the contract.

How long will I have to wait for my car to be delivered?

Some potential customers are in a hurry to get a car and they are the ones that ask us ‘How quickly can I get my vehicle? Sometimes, if it’s already in stock we can reply: ‘Within 72 hours.’ Obviously this is not always the case. Sometimes some of the cars are not in the country, have not been manufactured or need to be moved from elsewhere. Obviously we can always find out for you. Chat to us at any time and we can give you the low down. Call, email or chat on our website.